The Art of Negotiating for Sales Reps

No matter what you are selling and who your customer is, it is often a sales rep’s art of negotiating that closes the deal. If you are a sales representative, you must know the art of negotiating in order to consistently increase sales and profit.

Skill Vs. Art of Negotiating

Negotiation skills are thus an important tool for implementing your sales strategies. Negotiation is not only a mere plug-and-play strategy, it is an art. Here are some tips for the independent sales representatives to use in perfecting his or her art, and to succeed in the sales negotiations:

Sales Rep Preparations for First Time Meeting

To make any negotiation successful, the first step is preparation. Effective sales negotiation starts long before you join together at the negotiation table. Doing thorough research is required before actual negotiation with the customer.

You need to consider your customer’s situation and to understand what he or she is really expecting from the deal you are offering. Have a clear idea of what areas you have room to move and to what extent you can compromise and what you cannot do. Also, preparation gives you ample confidence and helps you to remain calm and confident throughout the negotiation.

Working Together

A good sales representative wants to close every deal by making all involved happy about the decisions that have made. Here, common human psychology plays a crucial role.

  • If you make your customers feel that you are overpowering them, they will turn defensive. However, if you play fair they will definitely do the same.
  • Never let your customer pre-judge you and put you under pressure.
  • Never leave a dead space while you are negotiating.

Close the deal and meet your commitments

The main goal of sales negotiation is to make the deal profitable for all involved. When you are near to closing a deal, have as many conversations with the client as necessary to address all the crucial and minor details. Try to solve your customer’s issues and concerns. Once the deal is closed and the agreement is signed you have to be sure that you maintain the commitments you make. You have to deliver on the promises you have made to your customer. For example if you have promised any product or service as complimentary, make sure you provide them with that. When you keep your words, you build rapport that will serve you in future negotiations. You might also get referrals to associates of the customer.

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