For Sales Reps – Use RepHunter to Look for New Lines

How RepHunter Works for Reps

RepHunter is a FREE service for Sales Reps.

Finding quality new lines is an on-going process. Sales reps that have the best lines are always trolling for new sales opportunities and are first to find them. By using our Search Agents and continually engaging with RepHunter, you too will find the most profitable lines you are seeking.

Immediate communication is the backbone of our success. Therefore, we suggest that Sales Rep users of RepHunter adhere to these important terms.

  1. Register

    • Create only one profile of your sales expertise.
      You may have more than one profile only if you represent two or more completely unrelated lines into completely unrelated markets. Duplicate profiles of a similar nature will be removed.
    • You are required to control your profile’s visibility. You can Inactivate or Activate your profile at any time.
    • Please Inactivate your profile at times when you have enough lines.


    Member #1825: “I have worked in the rep business now for over 30 years, and I have met the high, and the low in this business world. I have clients in every major, and all the minor countries around the world. I can say, without regard that REPHUNTER has the best, focused service for both the rep today seeking to make his living, and the new company, or the major corporation. They have a screening formula for the reps that is the finest [and] for the companies that is the Leader in this industry. We have made it our First stop to seek new companies to add to our long list of the highest quality companies. I am always contacted by more fine companies from RepHunter’s great referrals. I very proudly recommend [RepHunter].” – William Schooler, Schooler & Associates, LLC
  2. Respond

    • RepHunter requires that reps with Active or Featured profiles respond to all Contact Requests (Principals seeking contact with you).
    • Responses must be made via your Manage Contacts page ASAP.
    • Response times are part of the criteria with which companies evaluate our reps.
    • After you respond via the RepHunter website, you may speak directly to the Principal.
  3. Confirm Availability

    • RepHunter suggests that reps with Active or Featured profiles Confirm Availability at least once every 30 days to keep their profile active.
    • When you Confirm Availability, you confirm that you are still seeking new lines and the information in your profile is correct.
    • Confirming Availabilitywill increase your visibility in searches by Principals.
  4. Find New Lines

    • RepHunter gives you the ability to proactively search our database for opportunities.
    • To proactively search, login and click on Find New Lines.
    • Search By Keyword or By Customer Category.
Find New Lines in all of these industries: Agriculture, Mining, Utilities, Construction, Manufacturing, OEM, Wholesale, Distributors, Retail, Transportation, Information, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Rental, Professional Management, Administrative & Support, Waste Management, Educational, Health Care & Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Entertainment, Recreation, Hotel & Motel, Food & Restaurant, Public Administration and others.


    • David Spivack
    • September 11, 2015

    I have been trying all week to access the rephunter website but continually reach a page saying the site is unavailable. Is their website down? Any advice? Thanks.

    David Spivack

      • jas
      • September 11, 2015

      A couple of months ago we upgraded the security on our website. If you are using an old browser, you need to upgrade it to be able to reach out site. We can give you some technical assistance if necessary. Please let us know what browser and version you are using.

      You will also note that you would not be able to browser to Citibank or American Express websites either, so it is not odd issue that is just affecting RepHunter.

      Hope this helps.

  1. Reply

    Hey Jas, I am interested in starting a small sales staffing agency, for my it business. I have do not that much experience. How can it help for my business….

      • jas
      • September 30, 2012

      @Rusty: I am not sure how to respond to you because I am not sure what you mean by “sales staffing agency” and how that relates to either your IT business or independent sales reps.

      You might be asking whether you should use employees or independent reps. In that case there is a lot of information at our RepHunter main site at as to the pros and cons of employees verses independent reps. After you create a free profile, you have access to our Training Tools, which include that type of information.

    • jas
    • September 17, 2011

    We strongly encourage a proper Sales Representation Agreement be in place. In fact, on our “Training” page, we give a sample agreement.

    • Jim Tooke
    • September 16, 2011

    Lots of good info , but I believe a 20 year veteran in a line thats meets and has relatonships is very important to protect with a proper contract so the rep does not get fired after showing a pricipal the ropes in his area and with his or her customers.

    • Mike Thill
    • July 7, 2011

    How do I get my info set up as a rep on your site?


      • jas
      • July 7, 2011


      Please go to Click on “Find New Lines”. Then click on “Register” in the tabs at the top. Fill out the form. If you have questions, you can call Brenda at 877-895-2909.

      Hope this helps!


    • jas
    • May 15, 2011

    Please check out our website RepHunter at – you can search for free for new lines in all industries and territories.

    Please feel free to create a profile at no cost to you. You can then take advantage our our training tools as well as conduct unlimited free searches.

    • Pat Luefan
    • May 14, 2011

    Looking for lines.

    • jas
    • December 13, 2010

    For those looking to get into the repping business, our general suggestion is to first create a profile at RepHunter at Then study the material on the Training page. There is a wealth of material there that should help you get started.

    • Joseph Andryshak
    • December 12, 2010

    interested in starting Sales Representative Agency.I possess 20 years of Pharmaceutical sales experience plus a year of office equipment sales. Would start as part-time.
    Thank you.

    Joseph Andryshak

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