November 2020

Happy Thanksgiving

It has definitely been an interesting and challenging year. Yet the Holidays are beginning, and we wish everyone a time to enjoy family. Year is not done, still business to be accomplished yet a day to relax is well deserved. Questions or comments: Tom Metsa

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A new Restart

It seems like the country has sort of re-set itself as the US has gone through a pretty contentious election. While Corona is still prevalent, we seemed to have now accepted this is a part of our life now. Nearly everyone has learned to used Zoom like a pro. We are such a strong and […]

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Two months left

First week of November 2020 is going to be a busy one. With the Presidential election on November 3rd, and results … who know when we’ll actually know who is the next president. Another big issue is we all need to really dig in to try to finish this 2020 year with some success and […]

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