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The jewelry industry encompasses a wide range of products and purposes, from the most expensive upscale precious jewels to fun and casual jewelry for everyday wear. Checking in on jewelry trends requires looking at high end fashion shows, consumer behavior, and what patterns and ideas are intriguing designers now.


Blue was a big color in 2013 and looks to continue its reign in 2014. Sapphire and topaz are key jewels, as are imitations of sapphire and topaz. Abalone has been used more frequently in jewelry in the past year, and is somewhat inexpensive, as well as intriguing, since it is not your typical jewelry substance.

Other trending colors include orange (which looks great with blue) and what has been named the 2014 Color of the Year by the Pantone Color Institute, “radiant orchid.” Yellow gold has increased in popularity and will probably continue to do so, with the price per oz of gold dropping.

Focus on the Wrist

While watches and bracelets never go out of style, per se, there does seem to be a resurgence of interest in them as beautifully designed, statement pieces of jewelry. Bracelets are particularly great for spring, as sleeves get shorter and bare skin occupies more real estate. Watches are in some ways the companion to this trend for men, while also maintaining popularity among women. Technology is restoring attention to the watch. The Samsung Galaxy Gear watch may’ve revitalized interest in watches in general, and there are a number of watches available that look great but sit in the mid-level price range. Plus the often-rumored iWatch from Apple is something else to add interest in this area, and is sure to be a high-style item.

Getting Geometric

Another jewelry trend that’s been spotted is the emergence of eye-catching shapes, like circles, pyramids, and chevrons. These are appearing in high-end and mass market jewelry stores, adding some pep and fun to contemporary looks, and playing off punk and rock inspired fashion.

Whether you are a retailer looking to stock the hottest items in the jewelry industry or a designer looking to capitalize on trends in your production or wholesaling, paying heed to these jewelry trends and keeping up with jewelry news should help you meet with success in 2014. Learn How to Find Great Independent Jewelry Sales Reps or Jewelry Sales Rep Opportunities to set yourself up well for the rest of the year.

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